Water Treatment

Bad smell? Taste? Are you noticing a build up of scale or stains on your toilets, sinks or faucets. Whether your water comes from a well, the lake or a municipal supply, we can install the right equipment to give you and your family clean drinking water. We provide free water testing to find our if there are any harmful contaminants within your water and design a system specifically for you.


Protect your potable water system from possible contamination.
Residential: All outside hose bibs must have a back flow device installed. This prevents contaminants from entering your hose and getting into your drinking water.
Sewage Backups: Prevent a disaster by installing a backwater valve on your main sewer or floor drain.


Residential: Make your life easier with a right height toilet, walk-in shower, walk-in tub or an easy to use faucet. We have transformed many bathrooms.
Commercial: We are dedicated to working with customers, municipalities, contractors and the public to provide bathrooms that are barrier free.


Kitchen and Bath Renovations

For over 10 years, Randle Plumbing has met and exceeded customers expectations with their kitchen and bath renovations. Whether it's renovating the whole room or moving fixtures, we can coordinate with and arrange for other trades (drywall, tiling, baseboard, paint) to get you the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams.

Faucet and Fixture Repair and Installation

Installation: Tired of your old faucet or toilet? Browse our product page to view our suppliers wide selection of products. Already have what you want? No problem! Our expert technicians can install all makes and models. Whether it's a simple faucet replacement, or you have an antique sewing machine table you wish to have turned into a sink, our service vehicles are fully equipped to handle any job.
Repair: Dripping faucet? Running toilet? Wasted water means money out of your pocket. Our technicians can expertly and efficiently repair your plumbing fixtures to save you money.

New Construction

Residential or commercial, our team will be with you from beginning to end, providing friendly and professional workmanship. We will design and install a plumbing system for your needs, big or small. We communicate with customers, contractors and inspectors to provide a finished product above customers expectations.


Cottage Repairs and Maintenance

Your cottage is a place to relax. Let our team provide you with expert service. For your home away from home, we provide an annual opening/closing package so you don't have to worry. Call us today



Providing businesses, factories and restaurants with installation and repairs. Our fully trained staff can expertly diagnose your problem. Our staff is courteous and discreet so we can get you up and running with minimal discomfort to you and your staff.

Heat Line Installation

We provide full service and installation for internal and external heat lines. Prevent your plumbing from freezing and prevent your home from disaster.

Flood Prevention Equipment

It's easier and more cost effective to prevent a disaster than it is to recover from one. Don't wake up to a flooded basement. We provide our customers with the knowledge and equipment to protect your home or business. We provide a full line of:
- sub-pumps
- battery backup pumps
- alarms
- water powered pumps
- back water valves

Poly-B and Galvanized Water Pipe Replacement

Many homes water systems are plumbed with poly-b (grey plastic) or galvanized water peps. These materials are prone to leaks and low water pressure. Our team can make the replacement of your water piping unintrusive with no mess left behind. Some insurance companies may offer discounts if poly-B or galvanized are replaced. Call us today for a free estimate.